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Where is the Unity, There is the Victory!

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Our Revolution AZ - Valley of the Sun Chapter. As you may have experienced, the election results of November 8, 2016 left social progressives feeling angry, sad, fearful, and other countless negative emotions. Many of us feel alone not knowing how to channel these negative emotions into positive energy and social change.

It was for these reasons and more that a group of concerned citizens organized the Our Revolution AZ - Valley of the Sun Chapter to support and cultivate the ideals and causes that are espoused by Senator Bernie Sanders and other progressives. We are united to promote a socially progressive platform; together we are poised to respond, act, and make positive social change. We welcome everyone of all ages whom desires to join together and relentlessly work to to advocate and act on behalf of preserving our democracy, humanity, environment, and planet.

If you are interested in uniting with us, please complete and submit all information as outlined in the the Membership Form below. After receiving your Membership Form, we will contact you soon to further discuss your prospective involvement and other group and meeting details. THANK YOU!

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