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The Our Revolution national organization, which was started by Senator Bernie Sanders and his supporters, has spawned community groups that promote and advocate socially progressive causes. Our Revolution AZ - Valley of the Sun Chapter represents one of these community groups.

Our group unites compassionate citizens from around the Valley whom support a progressive and positive platform for social change. Together we plan, coordinate, and implement responses and actions that counter threats and attacks on our civility, humanity, constitutional rights, democracy, environment, and planet.


  1. To serve as a Support System for fellow progressives.
  2. To foster an Idea Exchange that helps us prepare our actions.
  3. To create, maintain, and foster a Communication and Resource Sharing Network
  4. To develop and implement a Platform for Positive Social Change ACTION


We recognize that response comes in many forms. Our activities are "grassrooted" in EMPOWERMENT and ACTION and include:

  • Engaging public officials and media on awareness of social and environmental issues.
  • Connecting and creating and alliance with like-minded individuals, community groups, organizations and other grassroots efforts.
  • Advocating for people whom are attacked or marginalized;
  • Supporting, coordinating, and participating in various peaceful methods of resistance (boycotts, petitions, and protests/assemblies)


Are you concerned about the environment, climate change, racism, sexism, hate and violence, immigration, the right to choose, xenophobia, GLBTG rights, equality, human rights, social justice, economic justice, workers right, constitutional rights, poverty, animals, and all other social change issues? If so, we wholeheartedly WELCOME your involvement and participation in our group.

Please contact us:

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: 623-850-8017


Our Revolution AZ - Valley of the Sun Chapter Is a community group whose purpose embodies the mission, vision, and values supported by the Our Revolution national organization and a progressive platform. Views and opinions expressed here are ours only and not that of Senator Bernie Sanders or the Our Revolution national organization.

Thank you for your interest - your compassion is welcomed and needed here.